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TRAP UP International Conference

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The partners of the ERASMUS+ project TRAP UP* hereby invite you for the final international conference presenting the results of the project.


The aim of TRAP UP International Conference

is to create the best possible school life for pupils who are deaf or hard of hearing, by

  1. Developing new materials and concepts for professionals teaching deaf and hard og hearing pupils
  2. Sharing knowledge and best pratice transnationally within an area of high specialization with few active agents


During the project (2020-2023) four new materials have been developed:

  • Classroom design (D)
  • E-learning course for teachers on inclusion (DK)
  • Teaching material supporting differentiated teaching (SL)
  • Distance teaching – techonology and didactics (Fi)

All materials are adapted into English, Danish, Finnish, German and Slovenian.

In addition there has been developed an adaption and implementation guide about how to adapt the products into other languages and cultures. All products are adapted into English, Danish, Finnish, German and Slovenian, and gathered at a webplatform.

These new possibilities will be presented followed by a discussion between participants on how they can be used. Read more.

You may watch or replay the webinar here.


*Project partners:
Germany – Landesförderzentrum Hören und Kommunikation, Schleswig
Finland – Valteri Centre for Learing and Consulting, Onerva, Jyväskylä
Slovenia – Zavod za gluhe in naglusne, Ljubljana
Denmark – Center for Communication and Welfare technology, Fredericia

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